Over 1000 members of FOXNET enjoy fresh content about EMIR, Dodd Frank and collateral management from FOXEYE consultants


The thirst for knowledge and the lack of fresh, relevant and quality assured content was the key driver for us at FOXEYE to share our knowledge in FOXNET.

The major aim of FOXNET is to bring experts from the financial industry around the world together to share information and collaborate on hot topics in almost real-time. By participating in FOXNET, we can now collaborate with like-minded experts around the world.

As of today, we reached a fundamental milestone and enjoy a membership of more than 1000 active members from around the world.

These 1000+ experts typically work within the areas of trading, treasury, asset management, trade processing, bank management, risk management, legal or regulation and hold senior management positions, are involved in detail on an operational level, act as consultants / advisors or simply define or influence regulation.

Having over 90 active discussions over a period of one month on average classifies FOXNET as a very active group according to LinkedIn. This proves that the content that various experts provide to FOXNET is wanted and interesting.

At this point I would like to introduce our dedicated team that particpate in our global PR initiative and distributes our knowledge to you:

* Astrid Tan, Senior Consultant
* Claudia Kleimann, Front Desk Assistant
* Concepcion Reyes, Front Desk Manager
* Friederike Kuhnert, Consultant
* Martin Schuhmayer, Chief Knowledge Officer
* Heribert Tockner, Manager, IT
* Sendi Cigura, Consultant

Over more than 1 year, this team has published great information based on research and insights of our consultancy and is committed to continue these efforts in the future as well.

We never expected that our content distributed through FOXNET would be received that well. Based on your feedback we know that we are on track in helping the global financial world to share information and collaborate on hot topics that keeps this industry busy.

We at FOXEYE are glad that we were able to make a difference and I am looking forward to continue to collaborate with you on exciting and hot topics.