About Us


We, at FOXEYE, have a passion for front office technologies, and from this flows the unrivalled breadth and depth of our knowledge about Sungard Front Arena, Kondor+, Calypso, Murex or custom made solutions. Our expertise is paired with our commitment to stay 100% focused on front office.

You can enjoy FOXEYE business consulting services onsite, offsite (in Romania) or both.

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FoxEye History

Established in 2007 via an acquisition of a highly focused development firm for SunGard Front Arena, FOXEYE became shortly a key consultancy within the central European region.

Focused solely on the front office space, FOXEYE serviced global banks, regional banks, private banks, asset managers, service providers and hedge funds. Throughout the years FOXEYE’s expension and transformation continued, which resulted in a client base spread across 3 continents – USA, Europe and Asia.

In a move to expand REEA financial services practice, REEA acquired the assets, rights and intellectual property of FOXEYE in 2013. FOXEYE is now a division of REEA.

Who we are

FOXEYE is a boutique consulting firm with an absolute specialization, respected globally for front office expertise. We develop strategies and solutions with a focus on the front office and all steps along the front-to-back value chain.

Our clients range from multinational financial institutions, to private banks, to regional banks and multi-strategy hedge funds. Engagements may include long-term overall strategies, efficiency reviews, system selection, system implementation and compliance with regulation within capital markets.

Six subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the North America, including three centers of excellence. The FOXEYE Group is a global company with experienced financial and technological professionals. Founded in 1998, we have always been determined to offer a superior service.

FOXEYE is fully independent and neutral. All entities of FOXEYE are 100% proprietary owned and owner operated.

What we do

We give you custom solutions – from the overall planning of your front office right through to the granular implementation of process components that are so vital to success.

  • Real-Time and complete Bank Management
  • Enterprise Risk Measurement & Management
  • Regulatory Compliance (Basel 3, Dodd-Frank)
  • Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Consolidation and Modernization of Systems
  • Test & Change Managenment
  • Efficient Trading and Asset Management

Our team has expertise and practical hands-on experience with all the key front office systems. In addition, we have a suite of bespoke tools such as simulation and automated testing systems which are used to support planning and implementation.