FOXEYE uses FOXNET for content based marketing of our expertise


FOXEYE is pleased to announce that we are now sharing our knowledge through FOXNET – a unique online community that that enables industry experts to get in touch with like-minded professionals to initiate forward-thinking discussions of current topics within capital markets and financial regulation impacting capital markets.

FOXNET delivers relevant and quality assured information

New business trends, corporate updates, regulatory developments, market trends or news about recent developments in front office technologies – FOXNET delivers constantly reliable, relevant and essential up-to-date information from front office experts for front office experts!

The community focuses 100% on topics within capital markets and provides quality information around trading, treasury, asset management and risk management. Financial regulations that impact global capital markets are covered on top as this marks one of the major challenges for the global financial industry.

FOXNET enables collaboration

FOXNET enables industry experts around the globe to collaborate on hot topics and trends, and to discuss relevant publications. In short, it provides a substantial knowledge benefit to all members. We invite professionals to enter the discussion with us and other members about latest trends within the front office space.

FOXNET delivers publications from FOXEYE to you before others will receive it

Our proprietary academy publishes research and insights, such as:

  • Frequent, up-to-date and quality assured commentaries on cutting-edge market developments
  • Tools tuned for capital markets, such as a regulatory compass to understand the sum of all financial regulatory initiatives
  • Well researched and quality assured whitepapers that discuss for instance the hot topics for financial instructions in 2013

FOXNET will provide you with early access to such publications before the public will receive it.

Therefore, join FOXNET and become part of this growing community of industry professionals, expand your business network by meeting interesting people, engage in exciting discussions on relevant events and benefit from our frequent publications on cutting-edge market developments.

FOXNET is available as a group on LinkedIn and Xing!

Come and join us on FOXNET, available on LinkedIn and Xing!