IT Services

We offer two services developed by REEA interactive agency, that have been also customized for the financial industry.

Arhiero – electronic archiving

Electronic archiving vs. classical archiving – THE SAME LEGAL FORCE

Electronic archiving provides electronically archived documents with the same legal force as signed and stamped printed documents, following an archiving process, as it is defined by Law no.
135/2007 regarding the electronic archiving of documents. The storage of thus archived documents is done in a Data Center authorized by the MCIS – Ministry of Communication and Information Society.

There are such documents, especially financial and accounting ones that, according to THE LAW, must be kept in original (The Law on National Archives – 16/1996) – i.e. classically archived. Why is electronic archiving necessary? The answer to this could be another question: what are the risks of LOOSING the original documents (as an individual or a legal person) due to negligence, inappropriate storage conditions, extremely low safety/protection? For example: loosing contracts/invoices/ receipts/vouchers, loosing notary acts, degrees, medical documents , etc.
The electronic archiving of paper documents means MORE than just scanning and saving them on the hard disk of the computer. Electronic documents, whose integrity is not suitably ensured, may be subject to undetectable handling. Therefore, in order for the electronically archived documents to acquire the same legal force as documents printed on papers and signed, they need to be signed electronically by the issuer or owner of these documents, countersigned by the authorized archiving programme (ARHIERO),which also applies on these electronic documents the timestamp from the Timestamp Authority server.

Why electronic archiving?

First of all, electronic archiving provides safety by: eliminating “degradation” in time as a result of handling, through the existence of redundant protective mechanisms against potential damage and through the existence of cryptographic protocols and algorithms which provide a high level of protection for the information contained in the electronic archive.
Second of all, an electronic management of documents takes place since the process of electronic archiving is performed in real time, which ensures the quick retrieval of documents in the electronic archive. And finally, an aspect equally important is that of costs – special storage conditions, storage space, handling, etc.

LUMY – Usability Testing Platform for Financial Software

Lumy is an excellent tool for testing your financial software even from the developing phase. Lumy offers four different types of usability tests, that will help you develop a better software:

Video Tests Feedback tests
Aren’t you curious to see how your clients use your software?This type of test offers video, audio and text recordings of testers’ behavior and meanwhile they are performing the given tasks. Letting the user express freely their opinion about your product is the best way to improve.Feedback tests offer written answers from testers for given tasks.
Preferences tests (A/B) Clickmap tests
Don’t know which design is best suited for your product? Ask your audience.Testers choose one of two designs and explain in writing their choice. Find out if your design is easy to understand and users can perform a given task in 20 seconds.Clickmaps are the easiest way to find out how user friendly your forms are.

One can opt-in for one or both of the:

In house testers Lumy testers
Your own testers can use Lumy for testing any financial software that you need.- Fast and easy to set up tests
- Assistance & administration of tests and results
Lumy has a database of over 450 testers that can test your software for you.Lumy testers are verified by the platform and Lumy guarantees that the results you get from the testers will be relevant and help you in developing a better product.


Desktop Mobile
With the help of the Windows application Lumy Recorder, testers can complete video and feedback tests. The application captures the user’s desktop, audio and text answers that he/she provides. Once a tester completes a test,it is visible in real time in the company account. The mobile version of Lumy Recorder is the IOS app Lumy. Developed in Objective C, Lumy records the testers’ mobile display, audio and the text answers that the user offers.Also, the video test once completed can be seen in real time.

Security and confidentiality:

SSL Certificate Confidentiality
Lumy’s Thawte SSL 123 Certificate provides encryption for our web-based applications, thus, there is no risk for phishing or fraud. One can feel secure doing business with us over the internet. We are willing to sign any confidentiality agreements that is needed.If you opt-in for Lumy testers, each tester will be asked by the platform to sign confidentiality agreements.