Robust collateral management: What is it? Why is it important? How to get there!

Collateral management is not a new topic – it has been around for many years. However, it has traditionally been handled as an auxiliary back office function of low importance – especially at buy-side firms. This was not a big problem since just a minority of transactions were actually collateralized and the operational burden of margin calls was low due [...]

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Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) – another profit cutting regulation to cope with

Directives, regulations, technical standards on thousands of pages have already been written in a direct reaction to the financial crisis of 2008. Today most of these legislations are still in implementing stages and financial institutions are struggling to keep up with the regulatory tsunami of EMIR, CRD IV, MiFID II, AiFMD, UCITS, MAR, etc. Right in the middle of this [...]

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Over 1000 members of FOXNET enjoy fresh content about EMIR, Dodd Frank and collateral management from FOXEYE consultants

The thirst for knowledge and the lack of fresh, relevant and quality assured content was the key driver for us at FOXEYE to share our knowledge in FOXNET. The major aim of FOXNET is to bring experts from the financial industry around the world together to share information and collaborate on hot topics in almost real-time. By participating in FOXNET, [...]

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One Change Leads to Another Connected Changes Words

There is no global financial regulation – it’s regional authorities implementing regulations at the same time

The world is a very heterogeneous place characterised by a strong variety in each and every aspect. However, despite all the differences with regard to culture, business conduct, perceptions, etc. all participants of the global financial markets actually share a quite homogeneous challenge: “The global financial market reforms”. It all started in September 2009, when the G20 Pittsburgh Summit reacted [...]

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Futures replacing OTC derivatives – will it work this time?

With the OTC derivatives reform’s clearing obligation finally coming closer in Europe and the USA, there is one topic that seems to dominate blogs, news, forums and social media – the question of whether interest rate swap futures will have the potential to replace interest rate swaps as the tool of choice for generic risk transfer. In our constant engagements [...]

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Fear of collateral crunch impacted the latest proposal of global margining standards for uncleared trades

Back in October last year we published our whitepaper and market commentary around the challenges of collateral management in the light of current regulations like EMIR, CRD IV/CRR and the Dodd-Frank Act. The fear of a collateral crunch is still around as estimates for the additionally required collateral are widely spread, based on the publishing institution and their assumptions – [...]

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Failed Stamp Showing Reject Or Failure

False data marks major risk in achieving compliance with the reporting obligations of EMIR & Dodd-Frank

Over the last 9 months we experienced a great spike in activities in regards to fulfilling reporting requirements as demanded by EMIR, Dodd Frank Act and country-specific regulation in Asia. DTCC, REGIS-TR and various central counterparties, such as CME conquer the new regulatory reporting world in a global race to win members for their transaction repository services. A huge new [...]

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FOXEYE uses FOXNET for content based marketing of our expertise

FOXEYE is pleased to announce that we are now sharing our knowledge through FOXNET – a unique online community that that enables industry experts to get in touch with like-minded professionals to initiate forward-thinking discussions of current topics within capital markets and financial regulation impacting capital markets. FOXNET delivers relevant and quality assured information New business trends, corporate updates, regulatory [...]

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10 myths around EMIR, Dodd-Frank Act, CCP and central clearing of OTC derivatives

Now, at the beginning of 2013, central clearing of OTC derivatives is not a new topic anymore. At the sell-side central clearing has already been a common practice since more than 10 years. EMIR and the Dodd-Frank Act entered into force in 2012 already and will ultimately impose mandatory central clearing for all financial institutions and some non-financial institutions as [...]

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Businessman sailing in stormy papers sea

Hot Challenges for Financial Institutions in 2013

2012 was mainly dominated by financial regulation. Almost all budgets have been allocated to projects aimed at achieving regulatory compliance or absorbing the impact of new regulatory requirements on a financial institution business model, system landscape or processes. With ongoing delays in key regulatory initiatives like the Dodd-Frank Act, EMIR, or Basel III, just to name a view, 2013 will [...]

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